The Hopetoun Porch Project


Professional photographer Dene Bingham is bringing THE PORCH PROJECT to Hopetoun. THE PORCH PROJECT is an amazing project by Lana Pratt Photography, the founder of the “Porch Project” which originated in Perth & is bringing a lot of fun & joy into the community.

Hopetoun is classed as regional remote. Just ask anyone who has driven the six or more hours from Perth and they will agree you need a packed lunch, a map that doesn’t rely on the internet and a strong bladder to make the trip in a timely manner. With intra-regional border restrictions now in place the isolation is very real.

We asked Dene Bingham about this local initiative.

“I am bringing this unique project to Hopetoun!! It’s not your traditional “photo shoot’ on a beautiful beach or farm location… we are using your FRONT PORCH!! I will be standing back at a safe distance away (probably on the footpath or street) with my camera and a very long lens. I will take a few photos of you (on your front porch or front yard) & then I will give you a friendly wave & say see ya. THE PORCH PROJECT is a short, five minute photographic session, for families, couples, singles (with pets if you like)”.

“Since the announcement from the State Govt regarding the Esperance closure this week, the intensity of living so remotely skyrocketed!  It has impacted & frightened some members of our community. So I thought NOW is the time to bring out the BEST in everyone and remind them of the reasons why we LOVE to live in this awesome little place, Hopetoun”

“The purpose of this project is to bring some smiles & laughter back into the community which would otherwise be a challenging time for us all… & hopefully create some QUIRKY images to document this unique time in our lives. Feel free to get creative… let’s face it – it’s a chance to create something a little bit “different” so one day you can look back & remember this crazy COVID 19 time. There is NO COST to this project. It is FREE!” “I am just in the throws this week of putting the project together. I have received about 20 registrations since last night.  By the end of the week, I hope to get about 50. Let’s face it, most of us are feeling or have felt quite overwhelmed with everything that is going on, and I just love the idea of bringing a safe community project to Hopetoun.”

“Most of our extended families do not live in our town.  Our friends are like family!  We can’ no longer do what we would normally do on a daily basis – with our friends!  We can’t go to the pub and have a beer together.  We can’t go to the gym with our gym buddy. We can’t have a BBQ in our backyard with mates,  and one of the biggest things we miss, is we can’t go CAMPING!!  So many negatives.  So let’s bring on some positiveness! One of the things we love about living here, is our simple way of life.  The beach.  The serenity.  The smiles of the community. I hope everyone takes part of this cool little project, and I can’t wait to see the creativity of Hopey!”

A roster will put together for the local photo shoots and the project should be up and running next week and be completed by the end of April. Hopetoun locals can register on this website and Dene will be in touch with more details.


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