EXHIBITION Hopetoun Porch Project

On 31st July 2020 Rave About Arts partnered with Dene Bingham Photography to bring the Porch Project Exhibition to the small coastal town of Hopetoun.

The exhibition was a showcase of images taken by Dene Bingham of Hopetoun locals on their ‘porches’ during the time when interregional borders were closed due to Covid 19 and the community was feeling even more isolated than the usual 7 hour drive to Perth or the 3.5 hour drive to Albany.

The photography project went beyond a mere image snap. Locals dressed appropriately and inappropriately for the occasion, sported props and even went to the trouble of making a ‘Dad Scare Crow” complete with cut out head photo because Dad couldn’t be there for the shoot.

As this memorable project swept through the town, stories emerged. For one couple it was the only professional photo taken since their marriage many years ago, happy tears were shed on the reveal of the image. A travelling family who had recently arrived in Hopetoun remained for 5 months after making new contacts through the project. The local IGA (and only grocery store in Hopetoun) used toilet paper in their photo shoot – a satirical nod to the great toiled paper debacle, now set in imagery as part of Hopetoun’s history.

These stories and more brought the community together in a time where the words social distancing graced everyones lips. The project enabled us to see beauty in and pay homage to the temporarily disconnected community faces.

Rave About Arts were proud to give flight to an exhibition that showcased the artistic work by Dene Bingham Photography. The exhibition will be on display for two weeks at the Hopetoun Community Centre for everyone to enjoy.